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Asylum of Fear

“Shelter of Fear” takes after a group of paranormal specialists as they go on one final occupation to a spooky mental foundation where youngsters have allegedly disappeared. While scanning for proof of what is frequenting the surrendered assembling, they unearth pieces of information that uncover what influenced the previous go to specialist snap and go on a murdering binge through the corridors decades sooner. Shockingly, the more they reveal, the more they battle to make it out of the shelter alive in light of the fact that something inside needs that puzzle to remain dead and covered.

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Name : Asylum of Fear
Director : Craig Deering
Actor : Maurice Demus , Michael Medford , Callie Stephens
Country : USA
Language : English
Genres : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release : 2017 (USA)
Year : 2018
Rating :  Amo
(2017) on IMDb
Quality : HD


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